Welcome to iWash

In today's fast-paced life, car wash service within the shopping center is a way of saving time for the visitors of the shopping mall. iWash carwash is located in the first and the largest mall in the town of Rijeka – the Tower Center Rijeka mall.. We are the first car wash service in the town of Rijeka which has recognized the advantages of positioning our service activities in the garage of the shopping mall.

You, our clients, have the possibility to devote to shopping or enjoying the delights of the movie hits on the big screen, while your car is in safe hands of the iWash carwash employees.

We fulfill our mission in the most committed and systematic way – our team of trained professionals will provide your car exceptional treatment, using only the highest quality materials. You can find us every day until 21 h at floor “-2” of the Tower center Rijeka mall's garage!

iWash mission

Our mission is the satisfaction of all clients through consistently providing high-quality services, through the use of proven quality materials and the most modern technology available in this service activity.

iWash vision

Our vision is to continuously work on maintaining the position as the most advanced car wash in the Primorsko-Goranska County that will tirelessly introduce high-quality materials and the most modern technology in the activities of the maintenance of the exterior and cleanliness of our clients' cars. .

iWash philosophy

The philosophy of our activity is focused on the introduction of innovative products and services, as well as to continuously perfecting the techniques of hand washing and cleaning the car.

Innovative products
In Croatia, we are the only accredited detailer of the best nano-technological products for maintaining vehicles exterior as well as interior – the British Gtechniq company with headquarters in London. That is the only company of its kind whose services are used in one of the F1 teams on their formulas, specifically Force India.

Innovative services
In accordance with the desire to detect and include in our offer the highest quality innovative services available, from November 2014. we became the first in the town of Rijeka to offer the service of car's engine decarbonisation whose inventors have been awarded gold and silver medals at the international exhibitions of innovations (www.genijator.com).

Training techniques of washing and cleaning
We conduct systematic education of employees regarding the new techniques and new materials that we use to provide your vehicle with the exceptional treatment over and again. We learned the craft at Gtechniq London company headquarters , and it is with great pleasure that we demonstrate our skills while cleaning your cars.

iWash promise

To our clients we promise to offer a systematic quality service using the highest quality and most innovative materials, which is achieved by using all available modern technologies of the industry!


Gtechniq is a British manufacturer of specialized materials for the protection and maintenance of vehicles in a way that no traditional product could compete with.
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Meguiars is an American manufacturer of products whose purpose is the cleanliness of vehicles with a tradition of quality products that is lasting for more than 100 years.

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